ERA - YBU Econometri Seminars Program

 Past Seminars

Our association organized "ERA - SETA Econometrics Seminars Program" during 2006 - 2009. After a break of one year in 2010 for this activity, it restarted in September 2011, this time with a cooperation with Institute of Strategic Thinking (SDE). This cooperation ended in June 2013. In October 2014, an agreement is signed with Yildirim Beyazit University and the activity took the name of "ERA - YBU Econometrics Seminar Program". In March 2018, Graduate School In Computer Science and Mathematics Engineering (EISTI) was included in the cooperation as well and the name of the activity changed to "ERA - YBU - EISTI Econometrics Seminar Program". Seminars started to be given in EISTI, Paris.

24 December 2015
"Population Growth and Productivity Differences and the Long Run Trade Equilibrium"
Serdar Sayan
TOBB ETU University, Department of Economics
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1 December 2015
"Provincial Growth Convergence Analysis in Turkey: Spatial Econometric Extensions"
Pelin Akçagün
Middle East Technical University, Department of Economics
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23 November 2015
"How to Achieve Efficiency in Government Procurement Auctions?: Analysis of Optimal Bidder Participation"
Bedri Kamil Onur Tas, TOBB ETU, Department of Economics
Ilke Onur, University of South Australia Business School, School of Commerce
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1 June 2015
"Comparing Alternative Factor Models for Forecasting: Case of Turkey"
Mahmut Gunay
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26 May 2015
"The Effects of Maternal Employment and Non-Parental Child Care on Early Childhood Development"
Didem Pekkurnaz
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7 April 2015
"The Dynamics of Road Energy Demand and Illegal Fuel Activity in Turkey"
Abdullah Talha Yalta
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30 March 2015
"A Regime-Dependent Assessment of the Information Transmission Dynamics between Oil Prices, Precious Metal Prices and Exchange Rates"
Mehmet Balcilar
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