30 November 2016
"The Relationship between Energy Consumption and Economic Growth for Different Country Groups"
Nermin Yaşar, Department of Economics, Çankaya University
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24 May 2016
"Current Account Dynamics in China: Nonlinear Unit Root Approach"
A. Yasemin Yalta, Department of Economics, Hacettepe University

31 March 2016
"U.S. Monetary Policy Normalization and Global Interest Rates"
Ishak Demir, Birkbeck, University of London, Department of Economics

14 March 2016
"Big Data"
Salih Doganay
Ministry of Economics
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8 March 2016
"Time Varying Cointegration and Kalman Filter"
Taner Yiğit
Bilkent University, Department of Economics
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23 February 2016
"Democracy, Real Wages and Productivity"
Erol Taymaz
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5 January 2016
"Partial Identication:Testing Many Moment Inequalities via One Sided Thresholded Lasso"
Mehmet Caner
Ohio State University
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